Hi, i'm olivia.

Create. Capture. Cherish.

From a young age, I showcased an appreciation for all kinds of the earth's creatures, from tiny, delicate Robin Red Breasts, to cosmic Clydesdales; and everything inbetween. Through this passion emerged a strong, creative mind, fascinated by emotive novels and photographs displaying a distinctive moment trapped in time.

I am continually overwhelmed by the landscapes thrown together by nature; being able to snap shots of what the human eye witnesses is a power underestimated by many. My passion has flourished into a desire to create photographs emulating raw, effortless love. I find peace within providing joy to clients with their dream photo gallery.

Over the years, this love of mine has been channeled into my work with horses. My two horses, Lockie and Sunny, are my pride and joy, and are pictured with me in the images above.

*The two images above are by Imogen Candler Capture*